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Hidden in Plain Sight: Learning from the Often Overlooked

Gelber’s street portraiture seeks out those who often are unseen by us. Different from the statement we know of ‘leave no trace’, she aims to intentionally leave a trace, at a minimum, of good with each human she interacts with. She believes this strengthens her chosen path in life, that of nurturer or mother. Her images ask that we share this with her: pause; take a second look; examine our gut relations to the positions these people normally occupy in our minds; reconsider their worth or beauty on our personal human value scale. This process causes a deeper awareness of and connection to other people. Optimally this improved interaction might enhance our empathy, relationships and outcomes for all involved. 

Gelber also employs her photographs in her mixed-media collages. Having worked in a variety of situations both in the USA and in more ‘lean’ countries, she depicts a mix of people who have enriched her understanding of what is of value in navigating through life. She states that the diversity of their situations, and the peoples willingness to be photographed and interact with her, has provided her with a valuable education. Each experience is unique, each a treasure to be unearthed should one take the time to examine it more closely.

As a woman deeply involved in and respectful of motherhood, Gelber recently produced “The Grand Opening”, a graphic narrative that utilizes a bit of humor to reduce the fears that women about to go into labor can experience.  

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